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Our values

For more than 40 years, Laboratoires Mansard have been committed to ethic cosmetic manufacturing that respect inherited family values.

Our commitment : authentic, professional and ethical cosmetics.

  • Maximize the concentration of pure botanical active ingredients (up to 35% for face creams)

  • Search for the best in cosmetics by searching only high-quality components to guarantee state-of-the-art products

  • Prevent allergies and skin reactions by respecting an internal quality chart

  • Amplify the bioavailability and freshness of active ingredients thanks to the „cold extraction“ method for our plants

  • Focus on human values by avoiding abusive marketing and working with French human-sized companies

Today, a MANSARD Laboratories product is above all :

  • A guarantee of active botanical ingredients (the creams have a concentration of more than 30%)

  • Participation in local trade

  • Promotion of business of French companies

  • Security (our products are suitable for people with allergies or skin problems)

  • Fast and visible results

  • Adhere to the philosophy of herbal science : the power of plants at the service of our beauty

Brand history

"between passion for herbal science and unique know-how"

The history of our laboratories begins in the 80s.

Doctor Lerat is pharmacologist that has a passion and a special vision for a new cosmetic approach. He associates with :

  • Monsieur Tanguy, who is well known for his deep herboristic knowledge,
  • and Madame Mansard, a beauty specialist that is appreciated for her exceptional treatments.

From this collaboration will emerge a new and innovative concept :

Phyto Bio Electronics

More than a concept, a vision of cosmetics combining with precision the science of micro-currents and the ancestral knowledge of herbalism.

In the 2000s, Arnaud & Yulia Mansard took over the management of the laboratories and gave the brand an international dimension, while respecting inherited values.

Arnaud & Yulia Mansard

Phyto Expertise

We wanted to realize the dream of phyto-expert and UNIQUE cosmetics.

We too often forget that our skin is above all a living organ that reflects our balance.

Always changing, it faces our internal variations (age, hormones, stress) but is also our shield against the environment: pollution, climate, tobacco...

Does perfect skin exist? No...

Do we have only one type of skin? Not only !

Just like each individual, each skin is unique and must be treated in its own right, from its entirety to the smallest of its details.

Storing and categorizing a skin in a box means missing out on the essential, next to the element that will mark the difference.

Presented in the form of skin responses, our products are unique and complementary to each other to meet each specificity.

Logo Laboratoires Mansard

10, rue de la Paix
75002 Paris

Logo Laboratoires Mansard

10, rue de la Paix
75002 Paris

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