Salon treatments

Cellu'Tonic treatment

The Cellu'Tonic offers a slimming and firming treatment, combining the action of specifically developed micro-currents with the power of cosmetic products rich in botanical extracts, special breathing technique and unique lymphatic drainage.



  • Decrease of undesired volumes
  • Decrease of « orange peel » appearance
  • Restore the blood and lymphatic flow
  • Increase of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Decrease of water retention

Effecting directly blood and lymph circulation systems, Cellu'Tonic treatment restores the natural body functions helping to reshape the silhouette and dramatically improve skin appearance.

Visible results can be measured just after first session. Pain free and comfortable treatment both for client and aesthetician.

The impressive results of Cellu'Tonic have been proved by clinical tests carried out by a laboratory accredited by the French Ministries of Research and Health.