Face care - Masks and exfoliants

Exfoliant Délicat Naturel

75 ml

This gentle creamy exfoliant helps stimulate cell renewal and blood circulation allowing the skin to breathe.

Its complex rich in natural vegetable extracts facilitates the release of toxins, promotes the oxygenation and brightens the complexion.

It increases the effectiveness of skin care products that are used afterwards.

Properties :

  • Favorise le renouvellement cellulaire
  • Stimule l'oxygénation de l'épiderme
  • Facilite le rejet des toxines
  • Augmente l'efficacité des produits de soins utilisés ensuite

How to use

Massage gently on to damp or dry skin avoiding the eye area.
Starting on the forehead, then the nose and the chin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
In case of combination or oily skin, apply 2-3 times a week.
Once a week for the dry skin.